Accommodations are double and single dormitory rooms and town house dormitory rooms with hall bathrooms. There are a limited number of single rooms. If you would like a single room it is important to register early! If you request a double room and would like to share with someone in particular, please let us know on the registration form; otherwise, we will assign a roommate. The rooms are typical college dorms with two twin beds, two dressers, and two desks with chairs. The college dorm rooms were designed for function rather than aesthetics, and you may want to improve the beauty of your room with a few items from home.

Families are welcome at the Institute, and we reserve portions of the dormitories for families to reside together. There is no lodging charge for children staying in their parents’ room. If you would like your older child to have his or her own room, you will be charged the adult room rate. Single parents with children must pay the single occupancy rate.

Linen Rental: Pillows, blankets are provided. Sheets and towels can be rented for $15 per week. Dormitory rooms are not air-conditioned; please bring a fan if you are traveling by car. Fans will be provided for those not coming by car.


Sharing nutritious, lovingly prepared meals is central to the Institute experience. Our dedicated team is devoted to bringing you meals from fresh, unprocessed, fair-traded and, whenever possible, organically and locally grown food. It takes many hands to do this work — managing the program, identifying food suppliers, planning menus, ordering food, preparing the meals, setting the tables, serving the food, and cleaning up the dining room and kitchen. Under the guidance of our kitchen staff, students participate in meal preparation as part of their work/study scholarships.

Except for breakfast, meals are served family style. They are vegetarian, and include dairy products and eggs, in addition, chicken or fish will be served several times a week. If you or your children have food allergies, please list the allergy on the registration form. (We may not be able to accommodate every food allergy.)

It is essential that you notify us of food allergies in advance.