Welcome to the Rudolf Steiner Institute 2010. We warmly invite you to participate in the July 11-24th session. There you will share in a community life that gathers from all corners of the country and of the world to study, eat, work, discuss and play together. We look ahead to fresh, innovative work. We also look back on thirty-six sessions of dynamic, fruitful classes and family-friendly community experiences.

The friendships and connections created here enhance and enrich life well into the future.Here you will meet people from many backgrounds with diverse points of view. As a participant, you will share your valuable experiences. You and others will leave with deep insights and direction from the world-renowned faculty gathered in this focused, deliberate community of fellow seekers and students.

The teachers have occupied themselves with world issues and with inner reflection; they are accessible and willing to openly share their time and the fruits of their work. Together participants and faculty work deeply with spiritual scientific insight; with enlivened, intuitive thinking; and with spiritual discipline and artistic practice. Through these, a practical and productive community is built in our time together. We invite you to be part of it.