8:30–10:00 • 10:45–12:15 • 2:30–4:30

Within many cultures throughout the history of civilization, the art of the puppet has reflected the evolving state of human consciousness. In the early 20th century, Rudolf Steiner turned to the creation of a fairy tale puppetry theater stating that he believed puppetry was an art form that could help heal the ills of modern society. Our course will explore the pedagogical aspects of how the ensoulment of the puppet can be used to build a foundation for healthy social skills by bridging that which is universal with that which is uniquely individual. By creating living pictures that reflect the truth of what it means to be human we strengthen the young child’s sense of self in the world. Participants will be given a marionette puppet who’s “character” will be finished by them during the first day of the course. Archetypes of human emotion will be studied in world myth and fairy tale and experienced through the movement and gesture of performance art that will enhance classroom learning. Please bring a sewing kit and eurythmy or gymnastic slippers.


A $75 materials fee covers the cost of an eighteen-inch silk marionette.  Course is limited to eighteen participants. Please register early.



JANENE PING has been immersed in the learning and inspirations of Waldorf early childhood education for the last twenty years. In 1992 she founded and became the artistic director of The Magical Puppet Tree, a troupe dedicated to enriching community festival life with the performance of world folk and fairy tales in a variety of puppetry disciplines. She has helped students throughout the grades in educational puppetry learning and has performed and taught adult workshops throughout the Northeast. She currently teaches kindergarten and chairs the Early Childhood Department at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School in upstate New York.