Creativity and the Arts

8:30–10:00 • 10:45–12:15 • 4:30–6:00


 “Art is a revolutionary force, actually the only one.” This bold statement of the influential sculptor and action artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) challenges us to reexamine the way we look at art. It suggests that doing and “consuming” art, rather than art being a merely entertaining pastime, is a vitally important human activity and can become a tool for transformation—of ourselves and the world. We will attempt to experience art as a transformative activity, in a most immediate and hands-on way through working with form and form development in sculpture. Clay-modeling will be accompanied by guided observation of the transformative processes in nature. Rudolf Steiner suggested that one of the most important concepts which humanity of our time will have to come to terms with is that of metamorphosis—the transformation of forms. This can be studied in an exemplary way in the development of plants and brought alive in us and through us in the artistic process. Our artistic work will be enriched by observation of selected examples of art from various eras. No previous experience in sculpture necessary.

Suggested reading: J.W. von Goethe, The Metamorphosis of Plants; New Eyes for Plants, M. Colquhoun, and A. Ewald, Art as Spiritual Activity, Michael Howard, Rudolf Steiner’s Contribution to the Visual Arts, Joseph Beuys, What Is Art? Conversations With Joseph Beuys



AXEL EWALD studied sculpture and art education at Alanus School of Art in Germany. He has taught sculpture, drawing, Goethean observation and art history for more than twenty-five years in Germany, Great Britain, the US and Israel. He has been a member of the staff at Emerson College, Great Britain for five years. In cooperation with biologist Margaret Colquhoun, Axel developed a series of Goethean science and art courses in Great Britain as well as “New Eyes for Plants,” a workbook for drawing and plant observation, which he co-wrote and illustrated. Axel lives in Kibbutz Harduf in Israel, where he founded the “Way of the Arts” Visual Arts Training Course. He works as a sculptor and environmental artist and has exhibited in Germany, Great Britain and Israel. His work can be seen at axelewald.com.