Creativity and the Arts

JULY 11-24

When "I" meet "You" I give you my attention, my interest and my growing appreciation. The more this happens, the more I need to recreate my language to be worthy of the encounter. This is what language is—a living substance, created ever again at the threshold of the other person.

What begins as a medium of communication evolves towards a deeper means of communion. We will keep this in mind as we write together, and in our sharing of what we have written. The "You" involved might be the person sitting next to you in the group, or it might be a "Thou" experienced in nature. It might be the nine Muses. It might be God.  Prayers, invocations, and the writing of fictional letters will be just some of the playful and profound acts of language that, both collaboratively and individually, we will engage in.

Suggested reading: Paul Matthews, Sing Me the Creation (Hawthorn Press)



PAUL MATTHEWS, poet and Bothmer gymnast, has recently pulled back from his full time teaching at Emerson College in the UK, giving more time to his writing and seeking a wider scope for his teaching and poetry.  He is the author of two books on the creative process, Sing Me the Creation and Words in Place (Hawthorn Press) and a book of poems, The Ground That Love Seeks (Five Seasons Press). He is currently seeking a publisher for his new book of poetry, Slippery Characters. He travels widely with his work, encouraging the life of language in classroom and community.