Creativity and the Arts

JULY 11-24
2:00–4:00 PM

In today’s materialistic world we mostly recognize color when added to a surface and we ask ourselves, do we like it or dislike it? Does it fit to our taste in clothing or living? Can we come to the point where we can see each color as a personality with character, with a history and with soul? And may we feel that we need each color because they are part of the world-soul? The most important thing in doing Art is to leave the intellect behind. This process takes place in the area of the heart, and is there directly connected with our thoughts and our will. It is through the awareness of this connection that we create a space for intuition. It is then that the artistic path becomes a path of meditation.

In this course we discover answers through experiencing how color can be painted either heavy and physical, or light and atmospheric with the wonderful medium of oil sticks, made of wax and color pigment. No previous experience necessary. Materials fee: $75

Suggested reading: Rudolf Steiner, lecture, "The Creative World of Color" (Dornach, July 26, 1914). Available in Architecture as a Synthesis of the Arts, edited and introduced by Christian Thal-Jantzen (Rudolf Steiner Press) (Both titles will be available in the RSI Bookstore.)





ULLA NEIGENFIND-BOSSERT has been a painter her entire life. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Germany, studied art teacher training and is an art therapist. She works as a teacher, painter and an art therapist with children and adults in Germany. She has taught a series of classes at the Rudolf Steiner Institute, an experience that brings her special joy. Her paintings and three-dimensional installations are found in private collections in Europe and the US. She is married to American watercolorist, Bill Bossert, with whom she divides her time between Esslingen, Germany and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.