Creativity and the Arts

JULY 11-24
4:30–6:00 PM

To the degree that the soul can engage in an active conversation with the cosmic world, the mysteries of Initiation take on a new dynamism.

Rudolf Steiner developed musical, artistic methods to help deepen an active dialogue with the spiritual world. Heightening one’s sensitivity to the ongoing, rhythmic interaction between the life forces of the individual and the world’s etheric formative forces is an essential component of that dialogue.

The dance of transformation and metamorphosis, as it weaves between the soul and the cosmos, can be made perceptible in tone eurythmy. The medium in which both individual and cosmic expression takes form is the "etheric substantiality". The magical and universal language used is music. Accessing that medium and developing that language is the focus of this course. The primary emphasis of the course is experiential. Brief conceptual explorations and short conversation will attempt to place those experiences in perspective.


PRESTON BARKER was born in Berlin and spent his first sixteen years in Ansbach and Nürnberg, Germany before moving to Washington DC to study dramatic arts and agriculture at the University of Maryland. His cultural adventures included four years on the council of the Anthroposophical Society in America, and fourteen years on the board of the Rudolf Steiner Institute. Returning to Europe, he completed a degree in eurythmy at the Goetheanum and a master’s study in cultural management at the Hochschule für Gestaltung and Kunst in Zürich and Lucerne. After twenty years of eurythmy, theater and management work in Switzerland, he directed the theater department of the Steinerskolen i Bærum, a performing arts high school in Oslo, Norway. Preston is currently teaching eurythmy at the Highland Hall Waldorf School and the Waldorf  Institute of Southern California (WISC) teacher training in Southern California.